Who we are

We are entrepreneurs, scientists, and musicians working together with one goal in mind: make the best of what technology can bring to the music and video industry.

What we do

We provide video and music industry with the right tools in order to ease content creation through artificial intelligence.
We are the 3 S: 

  • Search

  • Scale

  • Sync

They trust us

"We invested in MatchTune because it uniquely provides a reliable solution to a rapidly growing need for original music delivered in high volume. MatchTune has built an unique tech platform with a very seasoned team."

Jean Marie Messier


Former CEO Vivendi Universal

"Our growing video production business for television programs require a faster and more accurate access to original music content. MatchTune provides an unique catalog search technology which is priceless for our video editors."

Gerard Pont

CEO Morgane Production

"MatchTune allows users to create real, original and synchronized music for video content in a matter of seconds. By 2022, video content is expected to represent 80% of all internet traffic"

Stephanie Hospital

Founder/CEO OneRagTime