Got Music?

Apply to the MatchTune Indie Music Program to kickstart your career and get your music featured in videos, films & TV all over the world.


André Manoukian

MatchTune co-founder and former judge on The Voice


Keep your music rights

We aren’t going to limit you in any way. You keep the rights and can publish with anyone else as well.


Make more money

Generate revenue from your music everytime someone downloads it for an ad, video or film, or personalized social media content.


Distribute anywhere

It’s yours and we aren't going to limit your greatness. Distribute your music anywhere you like.


Get noticed

Grow your audience and expand your streaming channels as your music is used in films, ads and videos worldwide.


Be heard

You will be featured in MatchTune social channels to help inspire creators all over the world to express themselves and their creative vision

First, fill out the application form below. We will get back to you via as quickly as possible to let you know if you are accepted. 


*Please note* due to an unusually high number of applicants it may take up to 4 weeks for us to review your application.


If you are accepted we will email you additional information to fill out along with our standard license contract.

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Tell us about your music rights:

Is there a publisher that owns any of the rights to the submitted tracks?
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