A more equitable digital music world is within reach.

AI-powered smart tracking for better music copyright infringement assessment and attribution.

The remuneration of copyrights depends on the quality of the technology used to track the use of music tracks. Unfortunately, the majority of tracking technologies used today are outdated and imprecise leaving rights holders with unknown losses.

CoverMatch is a new technology that more accurately tracks the use of copyrighted music, quickly finding crossmatched patterns between specific music tracks and copyrighted commercial tracks.

  • Instantly generate music similarity scored reports

  • Scan catalogs and generate similarity maps

  • Prevent plagiarism risks

  • Provide smarter ‘sound-alike’ search results to users

  • Continuously scan multiple distribution platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) for 24/7 protection against copyright infringement


Accuracy Matters

When compared with tracking on major sites like YouTube, the integrated outdated tracking was not able to match the cover version with the original. CoverMatch immediately found a 94% similarity score.

La Boheme (Charles Aznavour)
La Boheme (Cover Version)

Scan Third Party Sources for Music Match