MatchTune technology in action

Magic Video Sync finds/adapts the best music for your video

Stop spending hours looking for what music will fit the best with your video.
Stop spending hours re-editing this ideal music in order to sync it with your video content.
MatchTune does that for you and in only a few seconds.

See it in action here and see how music can change the mood of your video dramatically.

Music track of duration you need

Editing music is complicate and most of the time, original music you like does not fit the duration you need. Also, you may want a climax moment at some time but it simply does not exist in the original version.
MatchTune provides the ability to scale (re-edit) instantly your favorite track to any duration and makes sure key moments you need will be where they need to be.

See it in action here:

Music markers for every track

Editing music on your favorite audio/video software can be tedious and expensive because you have to listen/mark each key moment of music in order to sync it with your video or re-edit.
At MatchTune, we understood that and we provide all relevant markers with each licensed music track.
A marker highlights music parts (Intro, verse, Adlib, end, ...) as well as climax moments.
These markers are compatible with
ADOBE Premiere Pro, Audition, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, AVID Media Composer, Pro Tools, Cubase

See it in action here: