License Information

Last updated: May 07, 2020

How MatchTune pricing is calculated?

Never purchase the full roll when you only need 6 feet. At MatchTune we charge for the exact duration of the track you need and nothing more..

Can I use MatchTune music for free?

No. MatchTune music needs to be purchased before it can be deployed on digital market.

However, you are free to listen to any tracks and share them with anyone. These tracks will hold a watermark as long as they have not been purchased.

You will always need to purchase a track in order to publish a video or production using MatchTune music.

Can I sub-license MatchTune music to other entities?

No. Tracks purchased by you belongs to you. Ownership cannot be transferred.

Can I use MatchTune music on Facebook and Instagram?

Yes! As long as you have purchased the track, you will be covered to use our music on Facebook and Instagram, without limitation.

Can I use MatchTune music for my podcast?

Yes! Same conditions apply for podcasts or any other content.

Is MatchTune music royalty free?

No. MatchTune music is copyrighted which guarantee a high level of quality. Free music gives cheap music.

Can I distribute covers/remixes of MatchTune music on streaming platforms such as Spotify or iTunes?

No. These music are for digital market and do not include streaming.

What rights are included inside the license?

3 years non-exclusive right is granted to valid purchasers. The non-exclusive right to fix and record in any synchronization or timed-relation with a Production and to make copies thereof in digital form only for distribution, reproduction, exhibition, performance and exploitation of the Productions. Valid purchasers are granted the non-exclusive right to publicly perform the Catalog in Productions via the internet only (including mobile networks, Apps and ring tones), via the following uses:


  • a. Monetized Video sharing platforms: YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Yahoo Video, Enterprise, etc.;

  • b. Social networks: Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc.;

  • c. Website: a personal website (physical person) or that of a company (legal person), including retail websites;

  • d. Institutional and / or corporate films;

  • e. School, academic, university, training films;

  • f. Non-commercial brand films;

  • g. Private sphere: broadcast in the context of private parties, weddings, etc.

  • h. All podcasts and audiobooks

What happens after 3 years?

Expiring license can be renewed after 3 years for another year for 50% of the original track purchase price.

What payment options are available?

You can purchase tracks with any valid credit card.