We deeply analyze your music
We realized that understanding what constitutes a music soundtrack can be very helpful in generating better compositions. We have thus developed a state of the art Artificial Intelligence technology able to extract valuable information from both music and video components.

On the Music side, our automatic system can extract moods within a song based on the following primitives:
> Acoustic scale
> Aggressiveness scale
> Electronic scale
> Happiness scale
> Voice scale
> Tonal scale
> Sadness scale
> Relax scale
> Party scale
> Danceability scale
> BPM map
> Tone

We also detect:
> Instruments used in the composition
> Genres

This data is delivered automatically to you through our APIs or Adobe plugins, as well as through our Web and MacOS applications.
Our throughput extends up to 1 million analyses per day and covers virtually every type of content.

Try it out or contact us if you have any questions! We are here to help.
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