On Demand Technology
At MatchTune, we believe music should be a science.

MatchTune, formerly Muzeek, was developed in response to the growing need for royalty-free music that creatives, video producers, and content creators have. In essence, MatchTune is an Artificial Intelligence capable of rendering hundreds of unique variations from a single original composition. This feature is one aspect of the full suite of services we offer designed to make audio-to-video synchronization effortless while still maintaining the quality you’d expect from days of post-production work.

We are dedicated to bringing modern editors the innovative tools they need to rapidly and intuitively turn around large volumes of impeccable content, as well as to giving musicians a powerful platform to publish their art, get noticed, and make money.

What we are best at

Our Services

On-demand Royalty-free Music
Looking for original music tailored and delivered in seconds? Rock, Pop, Cinematic, ..., we do it all.
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Audio-To-Video Synchronization
We make sure your music always matches your video content for a more immersive experience.
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Music Matching
Looking for music that sounds like a song you like? Our technology allows it.

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Automatic Audio Mixing
MatchTune automatically mixes your soundtrack so the music and the voice don't overlap.

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Soundtrack Analysis
Split your soundtrack into female and male voices, as well as music so that you can adjust volume levels individually to give each element more breathing room.
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Video/Podcast Subtitling
Use our subtitle tool to make your video understandable in any language so that you can reach a wider audience.

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Give Your Video The Soundtrack It Deserves
Take your videos to the next level. Share your creations with the world — and blow your audience away.
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