Get professional-level music remixes instantly.

TuneBlades can resize, remix and adjust your song automatically while preserving melody fundamentals and voices.

Songs are rarely the exact length you are looking for. Adapting tracks for different durations often requires re-editing of the whole song which easily can become a time-intensive, budget-draining process.


TuneBlades gives you the power to instantly scale and resize any music track to match your video, remove vocals from songs, and stream indefinitely for live presentations or programs. TuneBlades goes beyond simple cutting inside a track. With AI-powered recomposition, your new edit will seamlessly fit your content with a proper musical structure. 


TuneBlades can also extract vocals or continuously remix to stream indefinitely for live events or broadcast content. To learn more about TuneBlades or try it out, visit the website.

Pop music sample remix

Here are some standard ad spot song lengths. With TuneBlades, you can automatically resize to any duration.

Original version
60s remix version
30s remix version
20s remix version