What MatchTune can do for you

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Most of music catalogues are hard to search because they were not properly tagged or just not tagged at all.

Problem comes from the fact that human perception of a song, its mood, genre, etc are very subjective. 
We have developed an AI technology that analyzed our entire catalogue and provided with the most unbiased characteristics



One of the major problems we see in music to video adaptation is that most of the time, music tracks duration does not match your video duration.
Our technology takes care of this problem by adapting in seconds the music track to the duration of your video. It recompose instantly the music track and provides a new original version of it.



Once you have found the music tracks you like, our technology will customize them to perfectly fit your video duration and moments.

This very powerful tool delivered in 3 seconds a new version of the track and there is no limit to how many tracks you like to try.