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AMP by MatchTune

AMP by MatchTune gives emerging artists a unique opportunity to kickstart their career by making their music available in our product suite & thus licensable by millions of content creators around the world.

Applications are currently closed.

At MatchTune, we strongly believe in fostering a more inclusive and accessible environment for emerging artists. Our co-founder, renowned jazz musician & talent show host André Manoukian has devoted much of his life to nurturing aspiring musicians.

We’re very proud to be able to share his values as a company through our Artist Music Program, which enables artists to earn revenue through sync licensing, a growing revenue stream that demands more music every single day.

If you are an up-and-coming artist and are looking to acquire sync placements for your music – we want to hear from you!

A World of Opportunity Awaits


Keep Your Rights

Our partnership is non-exclusive, meaning that you keep the ownership of your music rights & publishing capital.


Make Money

Generate passive revenue for your art form. Upload your music, sit back & we’ll do the rest!


Be Competitive

AMP offers artists the easiest way to explore & secure sync placements - a growing corner of the music market.


Get Noticed

Expand your music distribution channels, pushing your music to a larger & wider demographic.

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