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AI Music Copyright Detection: How CoverNet Empowers Record Labels, PROs, and Rights-Holders

In the ever-evolving music space, technology continues to reshape the way artists and rights-holders protect and monetize their creations. Perhaps most emblematic of this is CoverNet by MatchTune, a groundbreaking innovation & game-changer for record labels, PROs (Performing Rights Organizations), and music rights-holders. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, CoverNet offers an unprecedented level of oversight over unauthorized music usage, which in turn can significantly increase overall revenue. Let's delve into how CoverNet is revolutionizing the music industry and why it's a crucial tool for everyone involved.

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Unrivaled Music Copyright Infringement Detection: What is CoverNet?

Pioneering the intersection of AI and music, CoverNet goes beyond the traditional 'fingerprinting' techniques, meticulously combing through music streaming and sharing platforms for all uses of your music. The platform identifies not only direct, one-to-one unauthorized uses of your master, but also more subtle infringements such as monetized covers and AI deepfakes. This comprehensive approach to music copyright detection ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to protecting music rights.

CoverNet's user-friendly dashboard provides a holistic view of key metrics, making it an indispensable asset for artists, labels, publishers, and all stakeholders in the music industry. So, how does CoverNet specifically benefit record labels, PROs, and music rights-holders?

Identify & Manage All Copyright Infringements

Unauthorized music usage is a significant challenge in the music industry. Unfortunately, there is so much opportunity for rights-holders to have their copyright infringed upon, flying seamlessly under the radar. To combat this, CoverNet employs AI algorithms that detect even the most subtle unauthorized uses of your music. This includes identifying monetized cover songs, AI-generated music “deepfakes”, and any other form of infringement. By detecting these violations early, record labels, PROs, and rights-holders can take swift action to protect their intellectual property.

But CoverNet is not just about protection; it's also a tool for increasing revenue. By identifying monetized cover versions and other unauthorized usages, rights-holders can explore new opportunities for collaboration or licensing. This allows artists and labels to monetize their music in ways that were previously hidden or overlooked.

Comprehensive Data Insights

One of the most powerful features of CoverNet is its ability to provide rights-holders with in-depth data insights. The platform provides these in real-time, allowing rights-holders to quickly understand & take action upon every single infringement that they deem important. All this across various platforms; offering the widest possible scope to maximize revenue. Once unauthorized usage is identified, CoverNet facilitates prompt enforcement of rights, sending a strong message to potential infringers that unauthorized usage will not be tolerated.

Ultimately, CoverNet by MatchTune is a groundbreaking tool that empowers record labels, PROs, and music rights-holders to increase their overall revenue while ensuring the protection of their intellectual property. In this digital age, where music is widely shared and consumed, CoverNet is the shield that rights-holders need to thrive and prosper in the modern music landscape.


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