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Artist Music Program by MatchTune - Tips & Tricks

Since launching our Artist Music Program last year, we've been touched by just how many talented, emerging artists have sent their music in. With that said, however, we can't accept every single submission, so here's a little checklist to touch base with before applying, that'll increase your chances of being accepted.

Do you own the music that you're submitting?

Now, this one may seem obvious, but it's actually a very frequent mistake made by AMP applicants so far. Before applying, it is of paramount importance that the rights to the music you submit is owned by YOU and, if anyone else is involved, that you have (and can supply) their permission too.

We use a number of our industry-leading platforms to ensure - with 99.99% accuracy - that all submitted music is spoken for by the rights-holders, and no one is being blindsided. So, when you apply, make sure you have written proof from each rights-holder that they give permission for the song to be used and licensed on our platforms. Needless to say, don't try and get away with it, too! The best case scenario is that you aren't accepted, and the worst is that you face legal issues...

Is the music mixed & mastered to a high standard?

Again, a huge deterrent for creators looking to license music, and therefore us, is a low-quality sound. No matter how good a song is, if it sounds flat and weak, we aren't going to accept it, as we're looking for music that can used in sync projects such as commercials, YouTube videos, podcasts and more.

You don't need to spend thousands, or even hundreds of dollars making sure that the music is clean and loud, and there are even a number of platforms such as Landr and Roex, that use AI to mix & master your song at an extremely affordable rate. If you're looking to understand the difference between a mix and master, check out this handy blog from iZotope.

Is the music a good fit for sync placements?

One more time, and say it with us - AMP connects emerging artists with sync placements. Now, the great thing is that songs of pretty much all genres, backgrounds and structures have their place in the sync space, as no two pieces of content are the same. However, that doesn't mean that anything goes...

So, make sure that you're actually submitting suitable music before applying. Is the 15-minute guitar shred-a-thon really going to be your best bet? Again, we're not advising against standing out from the crowd, we're just suggesting that you make sure you're sending in the most appropriate tracks for creators to license & use.

Good luck!

There you have it! Those are the three main criteria to keep in mind before applying. All that's left now, is to wish you good luck in applying; we look forward to listening!


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