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Create A Party Playlist In Seconds Using AI

Why is creating a party playlist so stressful? It sounds great in theory; the aux feels like the chance to show how cool and trendy you are, but then it's all "are they gonna want Drake and Dua Lipa, or classics like Elton John and ABBA?", or "is Usher gonna be cool throwback vibes, or cringeworthy naughties RnB?" and so on. And don't get me started on halfway through the party, when you realise the songs you chose only covered the first 30 minutes, and you're now in musical no-mans land, with an angry mob of drunkards shouting at you because the music's stopped... apparently. Never been me.

Well, fear no more! With Audioatlas by MatchTune, you can let AI curate your party playlist for you. Type any imaginable prompt, and the platform will find the best songs in the whole world for that prompt. Obviously, you can stick to some basic searches such as "music for a party", but if you're feeling particular, here are some fun prompts to try:

  • "Happy & uptempo dance music for a party"

  • "Pop instrumentals for a Karaoke party"

  • "Music from Spain for a Spanish-themed party"

Audioatlas' results interface

Once you have your results, click the red three dots icon, and select the Spotify option. The songs will immediately be organized in your Spotify as a dedicated playlist.

The best bit: Audioatlas can do all of the above in seconds. No more final-hour party playlist stresses - with Audioatlas, you can save time and do what's most important; party!


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