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Create A Road Trip Playlist In Seconds Using AI

Being handed the aux before a road trip is a serious responsibility. You're in charge of creating a playlist that keeps you & your friends entertained & aurally-satisfied for hours. One wrong song and you're getting called out, and you don't want to be known as the friend with the bad music taste. You also don't want to be the guy frantically piecing together a Spotify playlist, whilst still trying to hold a conversation with your friends, giving your social skills an equally-dire rep.

Well, luckily, thanks to Audioatlas, you can create playlists on Spotify & Apple Music in seconds as you walk out the door, using your own natural language. Simply type a brief such as:

- I need music for a road trip

- I need slow, smooth jazz music for my road trip

- I need music from South America for a road trip

All of these prompts will elicit an extensive list of great commercial songs that, with one click, you can load as a playlist into your desired streaming platform. Click the three dot icon next to the tabs, and select either "Create Spotify Playlist" or "Create Apple Music Playlist". You'll instantly be redirected to your chosen platform, with a road trip-worthy playlist at your disposal. Thank us later!

To learn more about Audioatlas, click here.



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