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How To Master Short Form Content In 2023

It's 2023, and short form is king. The social media world is dominated by TikToks, Instagram Reels & YouTube shorts, so it's time to get well versed in short form content, and how to make it <POP>!

First stop? Right here. This 5 minute read will give you the foundations of how to stand out with your short form content.

Is The Topic Engaging?

Ultimately, you want to sell your video to the viewer as quickly as possible. Before any of this, however, make sure your video topic is actually easy to sell! Try and make the topic of your video as relatable as possible; the more people you can connect with, the wider the net you cast over your followers, and the more you can grow and ultimately develop a wide-reaching fanbase.

Can You Get Their Attention Quickly?

Short form content is so 'snackable' and fast-moving that viewers will often give a post roughly 2-3 seconds before subconsciously deciding whether to watch on or not. So, you need to capture their attention within this time, either visually or aurally. Some examples might include...

- a straight to the point, 'Mr Beast-style' description of the video, such as "I'm going to be doing X".

- the most provoking line in the video, that'll make viewers want to establish more context behind it.

- an engaging visual that looks cool/surprising/ immediately captures the viewer's attention.

Don't LOSE Their Attention!

The average TikTok video is somewhere between 34 and 42 seconds, and if you can stay on the shorter side of this, your content is ultimately going to retain your audience's retention and thus have better engagement.

So, during the edit, spend some time going through each scene and contemplating whether it's integral to the story or flow of the video. Any scene that elicits the response "no" can be scrapped in the name of audience retention. Every second counts!

Don't Rush On The Music Choice

It may seem relatively unimportant, but the right song can make or break a video. But music is so subjective, so how do you even know when you've got the right song?

Well, how about you let AI pick the perfect song for you? With Audioatlas, you can find & license music using your own natural language. Click here to learn more.


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