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Make Your Content Stand Out In Spring & Summer

Spring is upon us! The sunshine is finally creeping its way into our lives and, though it seems obvious to say, more sunshine = different consumer habits. We switch up our sleep habits, spend less time on our phone, and even favor different content niches. So, if you create content, how can you tailor it to work with the seasons? Well, here are a few tips on how to optimize your content in spring and summer.

Content Themes

The first tip is obvious; revolve the themes of your content around the seasons. If it's spring, and your content niche is cars, cover the latest sporty convertible, not the 7-seater that's perfect for braving the winter storms. If you're a dancer, film a performance outside rather than inside a studio. If you're a film reviewer, find some spring & summer films to review. We're all a happier bunch when the sun's out, so if you can tap into that, let some light into your content and elevate the already-positive feelings we're experiencing, you're going to leave a great memory in your viewers minds. Subconsciously, they're then far more likely to revisit your content to experience that same feeling again.


During S&S, consumers spend more time outside soaking the sun. They're less likely to sit watching TikToks during the day, and instead favor picking their phone up in the evening once the sun goes down. So, take advantage of this; hold off posting until later in the evening, perhaps around 7-9pm, in order to catch people when they're hungriest for some snackable content! This will increase your engagement, and will therefore push your content to more and more people.

Do Some Testing

Spring & summer is the perfect time to test out some new & fresh content ideas. This could involve changing your posting cadence to offer more/less content, changing the nature of your content, changing your engagement tactics and loads more. Ultimately, testing and learning is going to help you evolve your content in time for autumn & winter, when people are back on their phones and looking for some fresh inspiration to distract from the rain outside.



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