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MatchTune Develops Groundbreaking AI to Detect Music Deepfakes with 100% Success Rate

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

April 25, 2023 – Since the beginning of 2023, the world of artificial intelligence (AI) has experienced spectacular growth, particularly in the realm of music. MatchTune, a pioneering and leading company in the AI-assisted music industry, is proud to announce today its latest development: an AI capable of detecting deepfake music with a 100% success rate.

This technological innovation is in line with MatchTune's commitment to protect artists' rights and combat the spread of fake musical content on the internet. Deepfake music, which involves creating false audio tracks imitating famous artists, poses a significant problem for content creators and the music industry.

Thanks to this revolutionary AI, MatchTune can now accurately identify deepfakes and differentiate between original recordings and imitations, thus safeguarding artistic integrity and copyright. This development strengthens MatchTune's position as a leader in the field of AI applied to music and demonstrates its commitment to continually innovate to address current and future challenges.

To achieve this technical feat, MatchTune's researchers and engineers have employed cutting-edge techniques in audio signal processing and machine learning. The developed algorithms can detect subtle differences between original recordings and deepfakes, ensuring a 100% detection rate.

In order to validate these technologies, MatchTune has also had to develop a deepfake creation technology that it will not make available to the public. To raise awareness about the advancements in deepfake technologies, we have created a version of Adele's song "Someone Like You" performed by David Bowie. This version is available to the press and professionals on demand at

MatchTune plans to implement this AI detection technology in various applications, including supporting streaming platforms, record labels, and copyright management organizations. The company is also working on strategic partnerships with other industry players to expand the use of this technology and contribute to the protection of artists worldwide.

For more information on this groundbreaking technology and other innovative solutions from MatchTune, please visit our website at or contact our public relations team.

About MatchTune

Co-founded by world-known jazz musician André Manoukian and led by serial entrepreneur Philippe Guillaud, MatchTune is an innovative company specializing in the development cutting-edge AI-powered music and video tools available to content creators, artists, and music professionals.



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