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The 'Natural Language' AI Music Search - Studio Lite

Finding impactful music can often be a painful & lengthy process. You wish you could just describe your project to a genie, and they'd have a split-second think, before pulling out the perfect song immediately. Well, at MatchTune, we've created this genie! Meet 'Natural Language Search' - an AI technology that can listen to search prompts before finding the perfect accompanying music, and can even intelligently rescale the song to your exact desired duration, so you're ready to attach to your video and post. Here's a breakdown of how it works and, if you need a visual walkthrough too, check out this accompanying video from our resident creator Ben.

Locating & Searching

In Studio Lite's 'Music Filters' tab, locate the Natural Language Search button. It looks like this:

You'll notice a large search bar that says "Pitch your idea here", and this is where you can - you guessed it - pitch your idea. Maybe you have a sports highlight reel, a holiday vlog, a tech unboxing video; the list is endless and these are all possible to find music for within Studio Lite. Simply type your brief, set your duration by moving the slider or typing in the box, and click "Search For Music".

Selecting Results

Upon searching, Studio Lite will almost instantly find and suggest 5 songs that are perfect for the pitch, each one pre-scaled to fit your desired duration. Preview each song and, once you've found one that you like, click the download icon to save it. It looks like this:

If you want to hear some more songs before making your decision, click 'More Suggestions' and another 5 songs will be added to the list. Once you've downloaded your favorite track, head to the top right where it says 'My Music'. The song will appear at the top of the list.

Exporting Audio

If you want to download the rescaled song, locate it in your music list and find the three-dot icon on the right. It looks like this:

Upon clicking this icon, you have the opportunity to save the song in a variety of formats, from .mp3 to .wav to .m4a. Select your destination, export, and the song will be ready for you; licensed, rescaled and perfect for your project.



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