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Find Music Using AI: Why Do We Need a Search Engine For Music?

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Last week, we launched 'Audioatlas', the world's first natural language music search engine. The platform can understand any imaginable search before finding the most appropriate music in seconds. The platform's capabilities are endless - catering to everyone from music fans to content creators, tech fans to marketers - but the question still remains; why do we need Audioatlas? Well, read on to find out.

Centralizing Music Usage

Currently, there are innumerable platforms that allow users to discover, download, share, license and simply enjoy music. So what makes Audioatlas any different? Well, currently, users have to visit different platforms to undertake different musical tasks; perhaps, they use Spotify to discover music, but visit a library such as APM to license music for their content, and only use a high-fidelity streamer such as Tidal to play music when guests are visiting. What the space is missing, therefore, is a more all-encompassing online musical experience, which allows users to do everything from creating playlists to licensing music.

Here's an analogy. The internet is full of great websites that have different use cases, and satisfy different needs. Search engines - such as Google or Bing - make navigating websites and performing online actions much, much easier, and it's the same in the music industry. Never before has a platform existed that allows users to find, listen to AND license music, both commercial and royalty-free, in one place.

Improving Music Discovery

Finding great music can often be a lengthy process. There is so much music on the market that it often feels saturated, and users find themselves digging through the proverbial rubble to find that gem of a song that they had in their head. Well, Audioatlas is the solution to this. Type any imaginable prompt, and the platform will understand the brief and find the most applicable music, both commercial and licensable. Some example searches are:

- I need jazz music for a dinner party.

- I need music that sounds like Dua Lipa.

- I need instrumental music for my TikTok videos.

There is no such thing as an inappropriate search - whatever your needs, Audioatlas will aurally satisfy them.

To Conclude

The key to Audioatlas' brilliance is that it does not serve to replace any of the current streaming & royalty-free music libraries. Instead, it sits above them, providing links between them and allowing users to undertake all of their musical needs in one place. Audioatlas is the future of music usage, and we can't wait to hear how it improves your musical workflow.



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