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A Quick Tour of TuneBlades

Edit a song’s duration in seconds using AI

TuneBlades - An Industry Must-Have

We’ve all been there. You find a song that’s perfect for your video, but only need a portion of the song to fit your needs. So, naturally, you’re forced to take the song to the operating table and create the best edit you can possibly manage. Unfortunately, the reality is that manually slicing and reworking a song to fit a specific duration or purpose is not only time-consuming but also incredibly uninspiring - not to mention that it seldom yields a satisfactory result!

At MatchTune, we’ve developed a revolutionary, AI-driven audio tool that can rescale a song to any desired duration, while preserving musical fundamentals such as melody and structure. Meet TuneBlades! This ‘swiss-army knife’ of audio editing can create instant rescales of any song - perfect for content creators looking to cut edit times and optimize their workflow. With that said, here’s a quick tour of the platform. If you’re looking for a more visual walkthrough, check out this video in which our resident creator Ben takes TuneBlades for a spin.

Interface Overview

Upon opening the TuneBlades website, you’ll see this interface:

Feel free to take a short tour of the website to learn a little more about MatchTune, TuneBlades, and our AI technology. When you’re ready to get to work, turn your attention to the box just right of centre. This is where you can offer TuneBlades a song to work its magic on and, to do this, you can either:

  • Drag & drop an audio file onto the box (we’d recommend .wav or .mp3 files).

  • Click the box to upload the audio from your files.

  • Paste the song’s link below the box (a YouTube link will work fine).

Setting Parameters

Upon taking one of these steps, you’ll be met with this display.

Here, you can set the desired duration of your song’s edit - TuneBlades is able to create music edits up to 5 minutes long. The platform can even indefinitely stream a song if your purpose is a stream or live broadcast.

If your desired duration needs to be perfect to the exact millisecond, click ‘fit music to this exact duration’; if not, the edit may be incrementally outside of that (by a matter of milliseconds). With your parameters selected, click ‘render music’ to receive your edits.

Previewing Options

TuneBlades will offer 10 edits of your song with the new duration. Click the play button to listen to the first edit and, if it doesn’t take your fancy, hit ‘load new’ to listen to a different reworking. Each edit will be completely unique, and will offer a seamless rescale of the song that may have taken 10x as long to put together manually.

Once you’ve settled on an edit that works for you, hit ‘download’ to - you guessed it - download it. Your download options are either:

  • Download for free with a watermark.

  • Download the .wav file of your edit.

  • Download the .mp3 file of your edit

Choose the space on your computer that you want to download to, and then you’re good to go! The song will appear in your desired format, edited to the new duration. This is the magic of TuneBlades; in seconds, creators can now seamlessly fill the aural holes in their content with AI-powered rescales of any song.

You can learn more about TuneBlades here.


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