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Rescale Licensed Music To Any Duration in 2023

We’re incredibly proud to announce our partnership with APM Music, and to unveil our new integrated plugin which can intelligently rescale any song to a desired duration in seconds using AI. The plugin operates within the APM interface, providing an intuitive and efficient method for creatives to cut down on edit times. With this plugin, manually cutting & splicing a song to fit your video’s duration is a thing of the past. Here’s how to use it.

Within the APM interface, locate the track you’d like to rescale. Click the ‘double arrow’ icon in the bottom right of the toolbar to open the plugin. Here's what the toolbar looks like.

Taking this step will open the plugin. From here, set your desired new duration either by moving the slider or typing in the box - you can set anywhere between 10 seconds, and 6 minutes. Click ‘Apply New Duration’ to set the plugin to work.

Within seconds, the plugin will deliver the first edit. Check out this video, in which our in-house creator Ben tests the plugin out. If the first edit isn't quite what you had in mind, don’t worry! The plugin generates 10 unique edits of each song, and you just have to click the arrow on the right to listen to the next. Once you’re happy, you can export the edit as a wav file by clicking 'Download Edited Version'.

Alternatively, you can upload a video to directly sync the track to, previewing the complete edit in the plugin before exporting as a finished mp4 to your device. Here's what the interface looks like.

It's as easy as that! Creatives can now access an extensive library of great music, with the ability to rescale any song to a desired duration in seconds. The plugin is free to use for APM users, and can be downloaded on the Google Chrome store here. Happy creating!


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