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The World's First AI Music Search Engine

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Let's face it - the music market is dangerously scattered. On the commercial side, the market is dominated by a myriad of streaming platforms and, when it comes to licensed music, countless music libraries have found themselves lost in the rubble. As a result, great songs often never see the light of day. For years, the industry has been crying out for a centralized platform containing all of the world's music, in which users with varying purposes & projects can find, use and license any song with equal parts ease and efficiency.

We wanted to be at the forefront of this much-needed innovation, and it's therefore with great excitement that we can announce Audioatlas - the world's first Natural Language music search engine. Type any imaginable prompt, and the platform's AI will find the best possible song for that search, from a library of over 200 million songs. With results separated into commercial and royalty-free music, users can also license tracks for use in their own projects, avoiding copyright strikes and simplifying their creative process.

For example, type & search "I need music for a skydiving video", and you'll be met with the very best music for that purpose. Head to the 'Licensable' tab, on which you can find & purchase licenses for songs that match your search.

The possibilities really are endless with Audioatlas. In seconds, you can find music for your dinner party, daily vlogs, streaming playlists and more, making the platform the very best way to find & use music in 2023.



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