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What Makes a Good Video Soundtrack in 2023?

When creating video content, getting the video right is only half of the process. The other half is courtesy of the music, and the way in which it creates cohesion with the visual content, meaning that no video would be complete without a powerful soundtrack. But what does this actually mean? How can music-for-video be successful? Well, read on, or watch this video from our resident creator Ben, to learn more.

In short, a successful soundtrack is one that emphasizes a video’s key themes, creating a final product that is both visually and aurally appealing. Take the nature video featured in Ben's video, for example. The video is tranquil, slow-moving and relaxing, so using anything with high energy (such as an EDM track) would likely ‘muddy’ the video’s perception, as the identity of the music would completely polarize that of the video. Viewers would have to comprehend the combination of intense music and tranquil video, and this would totally throw the experience off.

On the other hand, use an atmospheric, organic and slower song, and you’ll find that it elevates the video in a perfect way. The subtle movements in the song, the sparse instrumentation, and the low energy will allow viewers to savour the visual qualities in such a beautiful way, with both the music and video being mutually complementary for each other. Don't believe us? See for yourself in Ben's video.

Now, obviously, this was an extreme example. But creating coherence between the music and the video is vital, and there are so many nuances that, sometimes, you just need someone to take on the job for you. That’s why we created Studio Lite, a revolutionary AI-driven audio tool that can find, rescale and sync the perfect song to your video in seconds. Click the link in bio to learn more.


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