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Developed with pro content creators in mind, Studio Lite is a smart audio search and editing plugin that works with Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci, Adobe Creative Suite and more. Studio Lite empowers videomakers to instantly find and edit music that fits the desired duration of their video content, cutting down editing time and supercharging their ability to increase the amount of content they can produce with a professional finish. In a matter of seconds, a creator can select from a handful of great tracks, each one automatically edited to match the video’s exact duration.


Download for iPhone, iPad, & Android

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Included as part of Studio subscriptions, Studio Lite is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac, iMac, MacBook, Windows and Android devices. For content creators working in Adobe Creative Suite, Studio Lite is also available as an integrated plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects, Animate and Prelude.


Studio Lite’s growing catalog of over 2 million pre-cleared tracks means that creators will never run out of great music. With precise smart filters, creators can fine-tune music results to find the right music for their content - no matter what kind of video they’re making.

To learn more about Studio Lite, check out our articles Getting Started with Studio Lite Universal and Getting Started with Studio Lite for Adobe.

Watch Studio Lite tutorial video for Mac, iMac, & MacBook

Watch Studio Lite tutorial video for Adobe Premier Pro

Tutorial for iPhone, iPad, and Android coming soon. Stay tuned.