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Find Sync Placements For Your Music in 2023: AMP by MatchTune

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Sync licensing is a growing revenue stream for musicians. It concerns the use of music in video content such as TV & commercials and, previously, these placements were hard to attain as commercial video content was few and far between. Recently, however, with the growth of user-generated content (UGC) and social media videos, a new ‘micro-sync’ industry has begun to prosper. This relates to less-commercial video content on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, on which content is posted far more frequently; around 3.7m videos are posted to YouTube alone every day (Wyzowl, 2023).

Finding micro-sync placements are therefore much more realistic and, at MatchTune, we wanted to simplify the process even further. That’s why we created a complete ecosystem for emerging artists to offer their music to prospective content creators, keeping 100% of their rights and earning revenue instantly every time this happens - meet AMP by MatchTune, our Artist Music Program. Since launching AMP by MatchTune, we’ve had lots of questions around what it is, how it works and how to apply. Continue reading to have these questions answered or, alternatively, watch this video in which our resident creator Ben provides a more visual walkthrough of the AMP process.

What is AMP?

Less than a year ago, we announced our AI-driven music-to-video platform ‘Studio Lite’ - an app that empowers content creators to find, rescale and sync impactful music for their video in seconds. As a team of seasoned musicians, we’re always on the lookout for inspiring new music that can be added to the platform, and that was all the impetus we needed to create AMP by MatchTune. Artists that are approved to the program will have their music ingested into Studio Lite, where it can be synced to intelligently match videos uploaded by content creators.

As an artist, AMP will only ever earn you money. Each time a creator licenses your song, you will earn a 50% split, which will be paid out to you immediately. There are also no fees involved at any stage of the process, so don’t worry about any surprise costs creeping up on you; we want to help you earn money, not take it from you!

The Application Process

To apply to AMP by MatchTune, head over to our website and fill out the form to let us know a bit about you, sending us up to 3 of your best songs. We run each submission through multiple comprehensive copyright-checking systems, so please make sure that you own the songs you submit! Our AMP team listens to each submission carefully and individually, before deliberating as a team and reaching a decision. You’ll hear from us within 4 weeks of submission.

If you’re accepted onto the program, we’ll send you a contract and request a few more details, such as your payment information. Don’t worry - Our contract with AMP artists is non-exclusive, meaning that you can distribute your music anywhere else with no legal issues.

From here, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a passive revenue stream that places your music in the hands of creators all over the world. To learn more about AMP by MatchTune, click here. We’re excited to hear your music!



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