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Our Services tailored for your specific needs

You are an Ad Agency

Have access to the widest a Library Music catalog. 
Music supervising: share with clients your musical selections already synced on their videos without no time spent on Post production! Involve them the easiest way for validation! 
No copyright issues.

You are a Music Publisher

Reach new market segments and optimize the yield of your catalogs thanks to Matchtune technology, as well as its innovative and fair business model.

You are a Video Editor

While you love your job, you may want to cut on the boring tasks and focus on the creative ones! MatchTune is your next preferred helper to find and sync the ideal track for your music need within the widest Library Music catalog! 

You are a Music Creator

Matchtune can expand your benefit by pushing your Music on the Digital Market. We connect with music supervisors, filmmakers, ad agencies and digital companies worldwide.
Contact us for Music submissions.

APIs: We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

MatchTune technology is also available through APIs so that they can be embedded directly and easily inside your own Apps and websites. These APIs are the core element of every of our products.